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What do you want to see when you look back at your wedding photos?

Your story deserves to be preserved in a true-to-life way that you will want to share. The flowers will wilt, the confetti will be swept up, and everyone will go on about their livesOne day when your hair is grey and your dress is tucked away in a closet, a series of images is what you'll have to reflect on your day. But this is about so much more than one day--this is forever

Your wedding is a story and a reflection of your love & capturing your story in a real way is the most beautiful art form. You deserve images that fell like the moment they were captured in. Remember how the moment felt.

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The little details ARE the big details. It’s not just about the photos, but the intentional choices you made to craft your wedding day. Your photos reflect the start of your forever and they should feel like the moment when it happened. My goal is to give you an experience that is low-stress, high-fun, and 100% YOU. Your love story, your colors, your moments—everything about you. 
My style is a documentary style blended with an editorial style. When capturing your day, the goal is to document the events as they unfold and in the way that they happened. Room is left to capture the laughter, the tears, the details, and the people you love in an intentional, real way. When it comes to scheduled photo times on the day of your wedding, a combination of traditional posing, prompts, and guided, editorial style posing is what you can expect. The goal is for you to feel like yourself, while still capturing the genuine laughter cheesy grins along with the serious faces & soft smiles. For editing, true-to-life colors are the priority. I believe nothing takes you back to a moment like seeing it in true color.
Personal connection and professionalism combine to make your day perfect. Throughout you planning process for a true-to-you wedding, you get a true-to-me Hannah. I value genuine connection & friendship and when you’re my client, you become family. Along with your wedding day coverage, booking with me means you can expect Engagement Session + Session Planning, Vendor Recommendations, Wedding Planning Assistance, and optional Add-Ons to enhance and customize your experience.

Collections starting at $2,500.

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Ready to make it official? I can't wait to hear from you.

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